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stone flower

The Stone Flower was started back in 2003 with humble beginnings from Michael and Apple’s wedding gifts. We started our company from $750 in the New York City Street Fairs. After three years working weekends and having full time jobs. We participated in our first season at Bryant Park Holiday Market. This launched us to get our first store location at the South Street Seaport opening in the Spring of 2006.

Since then we have opened multiple shops at the Seaport always looking to expand on the name Stone Flower. As a result we quit our jobs and began managing the stores full time. Each year we still participate at the holiday market in Bryant Park.

In 2011 we took a leap of faith and entered into a project to cross borders and opened our FIRST SHOP IN BOSTON Massachusetts.

This is our biggest shop of almost 3,000 square feet.  After opening in Boston we have received an overwhelming positive feedback as never before.

We are thankful each day for all that we have accomplished and grateful to all who have helped to make The Stone Flower successful.